Strategic Talent & Business Advisor 


Executive Coaching

Coaching Niche:
As an ICF Accredited Executive Coach, MaryAnn Fappiano works with High Potential Leaders at all levels to develop a roadmap of how to be effective and learn the critical strategies for a successful career:
First "90 Days"
Career Transition
Relationship building

               Customized programs tailored to clients needs. 

Diversity & Inclusion 

Move Forward Coaching and Consulting is an affiliated partner with Jennifer Brown Consulting. MaryAnn Fappiano serves as a Senior Consultant with Jennifer Brown Consulting . MaryAnn focuses on business development and serves as an advisor on engagements in the financial services sector. MaryAnn is well versed in Sec 342 standards from her prior experience working at Gartland and Mellina Group.  She ensures Diversity and Inclusion strategic plans are developed and implemented in accordance with the standards set forth by the agencies.  

                       MaryAnn is a Certified Diversity Professional, 

To inquire and receive information about any of these services listed, please contact MaryAnn Fappiano.​​

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Talent Acquisition

Move Forward Coaching and Consulting is an affiliated partner with Phyton Talent Advisors (formerly known as Linium Resources). 
In May 2019, Phyton won the Best in Staffing award.  This is a true testament of the industry expertise that is provided to their clients. 

Move Forward Coaching and Consulting leverages their knowledge and skill set in the industry to offer this service to their clients. 
We collectively work with our clients to identify top tier talent and work with candidates to assist them in finding the right job opportunity. 


 Business Advisory

 Move Forward Coaching and Consulting also serves as a:

  •        Strategic and business advisor offering solutions to clients                 through access to a vast network and business relationships.

  •        Interim management 

  •        Business Development